100,000 Containers From SUEZ To VEOLIA By Team OTM

SUEZ is taking the step towards VEOLIA with its rebranding project and has chosen OTM-Zenith as its partner to coordinate this major project. Thus, no less than 100,000 containers and 750 SUEZ trucks are waiting to be styled in the new look of VEOLIA.

Our production is ready to produce this run of stickers, and our assembly team also already received their OTM-VEOLIA personalized van to put a new look on the large bulk of containers and trucks across the country.

With our years of expertise and having supervised such large projects in the past both in production and in the assembly of stickers, OTM-Zenith is THE partner of choice for this challenge and we are happy to join forces with VEOLIA to bring this transition to a successful conclusion.

In order to deliver a good result in a short period of time, we have already engaged a team of more than 20 OTM people, including project managers and fitters. From now on they can be spotted in their vans throughout Belgium.

Our project managers will in turn manage the project and the assembly team from our central office in Brussels. 

We are extremely proud that the client is once again relying on OTM-Zenith.