Ferry Raveel Meets Ensor

Commissioned by the Flemish Government, OTM-Zenith placed a work of art by Raveel on the new ferry.

The ‘Raveel meets Ensor’ is a premiere. This ferry uses very innovative techniques. “The ferry sails with an electric motor. It charges through an electric charger. The charging tower and pantograph are located on the floating pontoon on the east bank. The solar panels installed on the roof also provide enough energy to meet the entire energy requirement of the ferry, with the exception of the propulsion system.

The ‘Raveel meets Ensor’ is designed to carry 100 passengers, which is double the current capacity of the coastal ferries. The vessel is 23 metres long and 6.5 metres wide and can reach a maximum speed of 16 km/h.

OTM-Zenith applied the wrap to the ferry using a special technique. We guarantee a perfect result for years in terms of film adhesion and colour fastness. A challenge with the impact of seawater.