First police motorcycles in Battenburg pattern

Aalter Police has had the first 3 police motorcycles in Belgium striped in Battenburg pattern by OTM-Zenith.

It is a great honor that we were allowed to apply the battenburg pattern on the first 3 police moto’s in Belgium with OTM-Zenith.An important first that was realized thanks to the Mayor of Aalter and former Minister of Security and Defense Pieter De Crem and Police Zone Aalter.It is important because in this way he confirms the importance of the new techniques of striping, so that other corps will also follow suit with their vehicles.Battenburg striping increases safety and visibility even more. In the meantime, it is becoming increasingly familiar to the Belgian police forces. We have already finished 80 combi’s in Battenburg pattern for Police Zone Antwerp.We produce striping of the highest quality so that safety and durability are guaranteed for police vehicles. The combination of quality in high reflective foil and our team that carries out the installation with experience and expertise, makes us a strong partner within the Belgian safety policy.But our quality is also known internationally, for example, we supply and install official striping for vehicles outside Belgium.For all your questions about striping and all possible Battenburg applications, please visit  Also read the article in Het Laatste Nieuws:Motors politiezone Aalter dragen als eerste speciaal patroon: “Het verhoogt de zichtbaarheid en onze veiligheid” | Aalter |