License plate holder

Number plate holder production and design

Are you a reseller of plate holders who orders tens or hundreds of pieces at once? Or are you a self-employed person who wants to advertise your business by using the plate holder on your car? In both cases, OTM will design and produce your number plate holders.


Number plate holder design by us or your own

The design of your plate holder should communicate your company’s style and include the right elements: your company name, slogan, phone number, website, etc.


Choose the way that fits your business best:

• Design by our graphic studio – they start with your guidelines and make your plate holder a real gem.

• Your own design – you can use the ‘plate holders’ module in our webshop.


Correct, vibration-free and UV-resistant

• Respect for regulations – we produce the official Belgian number plate and have developed our plate holders in such a way that they comply with all legal requirements.

• Anti-vibration springs – all our number plate holders are equipped with springs that prevent vibration. This ensures that no vibrating sounds can be heard at all.

• UV-resistant plate holders and printing – after printing, we apply a protective varnish layer. And, even better, our plate holders and the print are resistant to UV radiation. You can visit the car wash every week for years, and your plate holder will still retain its beautiful appearance.