Ambulance graphics

Marking kit for ambulances

OTM has developed a decal kit for ambulances and MUG (Medical Urgency Group) vehicles.


We apply new decals and repair damaged ones

Regional fire services, hospitals, ambulance operators and converters of vehicles for them all call on OTM. We will apply graphics to your vehicle that comply with the most recent legislation. You are also welcome for repairs after vehicle damage.


Marking kits in the Battenburg pattern

OTM has developed decal kits in the new Battenburg pattern, conforming to the new Royal Decree.


Sets of decals from a single piece of material

Our decal kits are not executed in different blocks but in complete sheets, on which we print the blocks. What is the result? There are 75% less seams, so the decals last much longer. Why is that? Seams are sensitive to long-term wear and can be forced apart by friction or by high pressure cleaning.


We apply a unique serial number to each sheet, so that you can easily order a single replacement piece (e.g. after vehicle damage).


New marking sets on an existing ambulance

Would you like to have your existing ambulance updated with the new decal format? Contact us and take advantage of our special conversion program.