Graphics for brand dealers

As a brand dealer, put your showroom in the spotlight thanks to our plate holders and stickers.


Plate holders with your firm’s name and logo

We design your plate holders in our graphics studio. Once our design suits your style, we produce your personalized plate holders with the following advantages:


• Conformance to Belgian legislation – our plate holders are specifically developed and 100% formatted to fit the official Belgian number plate, which we also produce.

• Super quiet, vibration free – our plate holders have anti-vibration springs to ensure that.

• They last for years – after printing, we apply a protective varnish layer.


Our plate holders and the printing are UV-resistant. They will endure many car washes with brio, and your brand name will still stand out fantastically after years.


Decals with your firm’s name and logo

Are you looking for stylish decal solutions, standard decals, ones with a 3D resin layer or chrome logos for your business?

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project in more detail.