Decals for your vehicle fleet

Stickers for your car fleet all over Belgium

It does not matter whether you have a fleet of just a few vehicles or hundreds. We produce the decals and apply them quickly and accurately, and positioned to the millimetre. We do this in our application workshop in Brussels.  Or would you like us to do it in your area? We have at least 41 other locations in Belgium that we can use. And, of course, we can come directly to your premises. In other words, we can apply your decals wherever you are located.


Have decals applied to your fleet by the market leader

Almost all of the country’s big fleet fleets come to us for decal application on new vehicles and for rebranding existing ones. Why do they do that?

Because we offer the following benefits:

• The largest production capacity in Belgium. Our plant is larger than 4,000 m2

• A machinery setup with brand new printing presses, both screen and digital printing

• An in-house application team of more than 10 employees, trained and re-trained annually by 3M – so they have the most recent techniques at their fingertips


Customized warranty for decals on vehicles

You want to be sure of uniform graphics on all your vehicles – even after a dent has been repaired following an accident. That is why we offer you a customized project warranty in cooperation with 3M.

This guarantees materials, application and replacements for a fixed period and covers your entire project. As mentioned above, 3M is a co-signatory to the warranty.