OTM Thinks in Pink

Auction of the R NineT Racer finished in bright pink by OTM brings in almost 12.000 euro for Think Pink.

OTM wishes STEFAAN PAUWELS from Wielsbeke a big congratulations with his highest bid and newest acquisition.



Right from the start of this wonderful initiative for the breast cancer organization, we were excited to be part of the project that led to the auction of this collector’s item. 


Thus, we reinforced the project by wrapping the R nineT Racer in bright pink (High quality 3M film) for free and expertly finishing it with the handsome illustrations of cartoonist & illustrator ‘Niet Nu Laura’. 


That the auction raised 11,900 euros is a huge boost especially for Think Pink and all the partners like BMW Motorrad and Niet Nu Laura who worked together on the project. 


We are pleased that the Moto gets a nice place in the car showroom of Stefaan Pauwels. This way, the cooperation and the OTM craftsmanship will be shown to its full advantage. 


‘Make life a ride’


‘Make life a ride’, the quote from BMW Motorrad couldn’t be more appropriate. A positivity and zest for life that matches the OTM values. We look back with satisfaction (with rose-colored glasses) on the cooperation with them as well as with Think Pink. Thanks to you we have been able to support a good cause and not the least. 


Think Pink


For years they have been committed to breast cancer patients and their families. And that’s necessary, because relatively speaking, nowhere do more women get breast cancer than in Belgium. At the same time, the chances of survival are increasing. That is why Think Pink works to ensure that the care and aftercare are as good as possible, so that fellow sufferers realise that they can still have a good life with and after their illness.