The best OTM realizations at the Aalterse Day of the Emergency Service!

OTM stripings were on display in large numbers at the Aalterse Day of the Emergency Service on September 18. 

The production and installation of stripings for emergency vehicles are an important division within OTM-Zenith and that was also clear at this event.

Meanwhile, quite a few were already taken care of by our team. As a result, we can already admire many vehicles in our striping. In Aalter, the ambulances, police vehicles and all other variants were already nicely exhibited.

Besides the production and installation, we are also at the base of the innovative striping. We have already reached Class 3, which has increased visibility through improved reflectivity. In addition, we also design new designs, of course always in accordance with the regulations, which has already led to beautiful realizations such as the applications of the beautiful eye-catching Battenburg striping. 

All this to increase the safety and visibility of the vehicles that often have to move at high speed and in bad, dark weather conditions. 

We are already proud that we as a company are also taking on a social role in this way.

Following this event, we would like to express our thanks and respect to everyone who is active within the emergency services. It is great that you are committed to helping your fellow man, sometimes at the risk of your own life.